May 26, 2018

Fieldstone, Flagstone and Boulders

FIELDSTONE is gathered from fields either directly on the surface or by removing from under the soil. Can be found in slide areas below bluff lines where the rock has given way years ago and has been ‘cured’ under the leaves and decay giving it the various colors. Fieldstone colors vary depending on the area from where it is harvested and how long it has been in the field or under the earth. Some fieldstone has lichen or moss growing on it from being harvested from a forest environment.

FLAGSTONE is stratified stone that can be split into pieces suitable for a multitude of landscaping and structural uses. Color of flagstone varies significantly depending on the area is harvested due to the different sediment content. Colors range from tan, orange, brown, red, gray, green, violet and colors in between and is harvested from shore to shore. Flagstone can also range in composition from sandstone, shale, limestone and other content.

BOULDERS are large pieces of fieldstone varying in size from basketball size to a several thousand pounds. Boulders can be used in a variety of applications from stand alone garden adornment to clustering in a water garden to dry beds. These fabulous creations are frequently the focal point of a landscape. From diving rocks to a sitting spot, boulders tend to speak to you. No two are identical and they definitely have a personality of their own.