September 20, 2018

10 Ways To Use Flagstone In Your Home And Landscape

Pavestone Pavers for your Newnan HomeFlagstone is a great choice for your next project. These attractive, flat stones are usually a type of sandstone combined with feldspar and quartz. Others are made of bluestone or limestone.

Flagstones are so durable, you can still see them today in ancient castles and other structures. Tourists still walk on flagstone floors in England’s 16th century Lindisfarne Castle, for example, and in the 14th century Muchalls Castle in Scotland.

Because flagstones are sedimentary rocks, they’re easy to split and easy for stonemasons or do-it-yourselfers to handle. There are many ways to use these versatile stones. Check out our ideas below, and then call Vining Stone at 770-252-6336 when you’re ready to add them to your home or landscape:

1. Edge a pond or water feature with flagstones. Stack them in a single layer or build several layers high. For a natural look, space the stones a little distance apart, and grow moss, grass, or a ground cover between them. Place them closely for a formal look.

2. Border a garden area with flagstones. The neutral, earth-friendly colors of the stones make a beautiful contrast to colorful flowers and foliage.

3. Let a waterfall spill over a stack of irregularly shaped flagstones. You’ll enjoy the music of the splashing water, which will also attract songbirds.

4. Build a flagstone chimney. Use matching stones to face your indoor fireplace, or build an outdoor fireplace that you can enjoy on cool spring days and brisk autumn evenings.

5. Build an outdoor kitchen with flagstones and add benches, so guests can visit with the cook when you entertain.

6. Use flagstones in your entry hall, sunroom, solarium, or for indoor and outdoor steps.

7. Add a flagstone deck around your pool, whether indoors or out.

8. Stack flagstones to make attractive pillars for a front entrance or back porch.

9.  Solve a landscape problem with a flagstone retaining wall.

10. Finally, flagstones make excellent patios, porches, paths and walkways.

Need help choosing the right materials for your project? Vining Stone offers a wide range of top-quality supplies, and we’re proud to offer good old-fashioned customer service. Give us a call at 770-252-6336, or stop by and see us at 211 Stewart Road in Sharpsburg. Let’s get started on your home and landscape needs!