May 26, 2018

How Hardscapes Save Your Time

If you’re like most of us, you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Keeping your lawn and garden healthy and well-watered becomes a chore, when you’re already short on time.

Life shouldn’t be like that. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of your landscape and lawn, without the hassle of constantly watering, weeding, and mowing.

PavestonePaversNewnanGeorgia-1Hardscaping is the solution to your time crunch. If you’re not familiar with the word, hardscaping simply means adding hard elements to your yard or landscape, like stone, pavers, bricks, gravel, and decorative rocks. Vining Stone has a great variety of hardscape materials to choose from, so you can find exactly what you need. Call us at 770-252-6336, or stop by our store at 211 Stewart Road in Sharpsburg, and we’ll help you estimate your project needs.

Here’s how hardscaping can save your valuable time –not to mention money:

1. Hardscaping is low maintenance. Aside from possibly re-sanding a patio every few years, or topping off your gravel or decorative rocks—and you may not even have to do that—there’s very little upkeep involved with hardscaping.

2. Watering is reduced. When you don’t have to water grass or plants, you save time you’d spend working in the yard, and keep the green in your wallet, where it belongs.

3. There’s less daily work involved in caring for fussy, demanding flowers. If you still want a beautiful garden to enjoy, consider installing a rock garden. Rock gardens are a perfect fit for hardscapes, because they’re planted with tough, heat-and-drought tolerant plants. Not only do they require far less water than traditional gardens, but they also don’t need a lot of fertilizing and spraying with chemicals to control pests or diseases.

4. You’ll save time edging your lawn and garden beds. Pavers, stones, and gravel can mark the edges between different parts of your property, eliminating the need for weekly edging with noisy, expensive, hard-to-handle electric or gas-powered tools.

5. Stone walls retain soil around flowerbeds, or on slopes that erode every time it rains. Instead of having to replenish mulch and soil in these areas, why not install a retaining wall? You’ll solve your ongoing problem, and save the time you’d spend struggling to replace your soil or plants.

Pavers, stones, decorative rocks, gravel, and bricks: we’ve got what you need to save time and create beautiful hardscaping around your home. Call us at Vining Stone today, at 770-252-6336. Don’t waste another minute of your valuable time!