May 26, 2018

How To Save Water During The Summer

The heat is on! Temperatures in the Atlanta area in the past month have even made it to 100 degrees! We will be sizzling into August and September. We’re looking for ways to stay cool, from visiting a local lake, to buying a new ceiling fan, or just grabbing a nice, cold drink to enjoy in the shade.

Unfortunately, our poor plants are stuck out there in the broiling sun. You’ve probably found yourself setting up the sprinklers or manning the garden hose daily, trying to keep them from wilting.

Did you know that using the right mulch, in the right amount, can save water? Mulch helps hold moisture in the soil around your plants. That means you can water less often and reduce your water bill. Let’s look at some easy ways to save this precious natural resource in your landscape:

1. Water early in the day. As the temperatures rise, water evaporates quickly from the air, especially when it’s coming from a sprinkler or a hose. So water when the air is cooler.

2. Mulch! Here at Vining Stone, we’ve got a wide variety of landscaping materials to choose from, including natural red oak, dyed hardwood, cypress and pine mulch, and nuggets. Not only will mulch help retain moisture in your soil, it also helps beautify your landscape. Call us at 770-252-6336, or stop by and see us at 211 Stewart Road in Sharpsburg, and we’ll help you find the right mulch for your needs.

3. Set a timer. Garden centers and hardware stores sell timers you can attach to your sprinkler or irrigation system. You only need to apply about one inch of water per week to your flowers, grass, or vegetables, so why waste? Let the timer do the work for you, and set it to shut off when enough water has been delivered.

4. Use moisture-control granules in your pots and window boxes. You can buy pre-mixed potting soil that includes fertilizer and moisture-control granules or pellets. They’ll help hang onto the water in the soil, so you don’t have to water your containers as often.

5. Use the shade. If you have hanging baskets or pots that you can move around, now is a good time to put them in the shade or semi-shade for a while. You can put them back in a sunny location when the weather cools off. If you don’t have any moveable pots, go back to step 2, and mulch, mulch, mulch around those plants in the ground!

Now you can look forward to a lower water bill next month! Remember, Vining Stone can help with your landscape needs. Call us today at 770-252-6336, and let’s get started saving money for your home or business!