May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscape Supply | Building A Retaining Wall: Should You Use Boulders or Fieldstones?

Here at Vining Stone, we get a lot of calls from homeowners who need Use boulders in your hardscape.retaining walls. Sometimes the homeowners are concerned about a hill or sloped lot that is washing away every time it rains, and they’re desperate to stop their dirt from eroding.

Other callers simply want to add an elevated, terraced area that can be used for planting vegetables, flowers, or shrubs. Retaining walls can also add architectural interest to your property, or serve as a natural-looking boundary line between you and your neighbors.

Although retaining walls are practical features for your landscape, if you choose the right stones to build them, they can also be quite beautiful. Click here to see a gallery of walls that may be inspiration to you!

Consider boulders if you’re building a retaining wall in your front yard, along your driveway, or in your garden area. Boulders can also be used to build attractive fire-pits for your backyard or patio. Because boulder walls aren’t as labor-intensive to create as block walls, they can be an economical choice for many homeowners. Walls made with boulders are also good choices for gardeners, who need spaces in their walls, so water can drain, but who also want to hold their garden soil in place.

Fieldstone is another excellent choice for retaining walls. Older, aged stones may have moss or lichen growing on them, giving them an attractive, antique appearance. We offer fieldstones in a range of colors, depending on where they are harvested from, and how long the stones have been in the field or under the ground. If you need to match an existing color scheme around your home, call us or stop by. We offer outstanding customer service, the kind of old fashioned, one-on-one helpfulness that you need when you have a special project.

If you’re not sure what materials to use when you build a retaining wall, give us a call today at 770-252-6336, or stop by our store in Sharpsburg. We’ll discuss your landscaping needs and options. You’ll find we’ve got the best selection of materials in the southeastern U.S, so don’t wait. We’re here to help you find the softer side of stone!