May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscape Supply | Durable,Textured Pavers for Pool Safety

Pavestone Pavers for your Newnan HomeDid you open your swimming pool on Memorial Day? Lots of folks in our area consider it the first official day of summer, and it’s a great time to refresh the pool water, break out the floats, and let the kids jump in.

But you’ve got to be careful when the kids climb out of your pool. That’s when falls and injuries are likely to occur, as excited children start to run on slippery, wet pool decking.

If it’s time to replace your decking, or install materials around your pool for the first time, check out our variety of beautiful landscaping pavers. You’ll find a range of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Our textured pavers will help make your home and pool area a safer place when little, wet feet are around (and big, wet feet).

Need some ideas about arranging your pavers in a pleasing pattern? Just give us a call at 770-252-6336, or stop by our store at 211 Stewart Road in Sharpsburg, GA, and we’ll help you find a distinctive look and color combination that complements your home and landscape. You’ll find that our pavers are durable and long lasting, even when exposed to the hot sun and pool chemicals.

Want more tips on keeping guests safe when they enjoy your pool this year? Check out our list below:

Make sure you have a fence with a locking gate to enclose your pool. Small children are especially attracted to water, and you don’t want anyone falling in.

Use a custom-made cover to secure your pool when you’re not around. Note: this is a safety back up, and does not replace having a fence.

Buy a pool alarm. Research the many different kinds on the market. There are models made to attach to doors and windows, and even clip-on types for individuals. Decide what’s best for your situation.

Install a rope and float line, so swimmers will know where the shallow end of the pool ends, and the deep end begins.

Keep rescue equipment like life rings and shepherd’s hooks handy at all times, and know how to use them.

Designate a dependable “supervisor” to watch over the pool when it’s in use, and make sure that person has a fully charged cell phone at hand, in case of emergencies.

Once you’ve got your safety measures in places, and your beautiful new pool pavers underfoot, you’re good to go. Make a splash and enjoy that pool! Remember, Vining Stone is here to help, so give us a call or stop by soon.