May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscape Supply | Protect your Plants from the Cold

As you may have noticed, the temperatures have dropped dramatically from the past several weeks. We have had chilly temperatures and strong winds; some counties in Georgia have even experienced overnight freeze warnings. Hopefully, it will warm back up for a little while before the start of winter, but just in case these cold temperatures and freeze warnings continue – here are some tips for protecting your precious plants from the cold.

  1. Plant or re-plant your flowers and other plants in an area that does not get as cold. It’s a great idea to assess your yard during different times of the day and document which areas get the most sun. Keep in mind, this will change throughout the different seasons. You can also find areas that may receive less wind than others.
  2. If you have tender plants outdoors during a freeze, consider covering them overnight with a tarp or a blanket. If it is windy, be sure to use something to secure it. When morning arrives, take off the covering so that your plants can receive sunlight and air. The plants need to absorb as much heat from the sun during the day so it can make it through the night.
  3. The best idea is to bring the plants inside. We know that not everyone has the time or space to do this, but it will help the plants survive the cold season. It is best to find a place that receives sunlight in your home so that the plants will still get some of the sun they need.
  4. Mulch is another way to keep your plants warm during the night. Most of the time it is not the cold that damages the plants, but is more of the cycle of freezing and then thawing. Mulch will help insulate the area and keep the temperature of the soil and roots more stable. Just remember, you will need to remove the mulch as spring comes around so that the soil can warm up.

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