May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscaping Supply Company – Easy House Plants

We recently had someone ask us if we knew which house plants were the easiest to take care of, especially for someone that was not particularly blessed with a ‘green thumb’. We could not answer right away, as that is not our specialty, but decided to do some research just in case someone else ever asked that same question.  Maybe you, yourself, have wondered the same thing.  Knowing which house plants are the easiest to ‘keep alive’ could be beneficial to many of our readers.

What are some ‘easier’ house plants?

One of the easiest (maybe the easiest) house plants that we have found, is a plant named Pothos, aka Devil’s Ivy. It is a long-growing lengthy vine that can grow up 40 feet in tropical jungles. Fortunately, they only grow 6-10 feet when confined in containers.  It can survive even in low-lighting and forgives you when you forget to water it frequently. They have actually even been shown to help purify the air in your home.  So if you don’t receive much sunlight in your home and you have a hard time remembering to water your plants, Pothos may be your perfect plant. Or if you are looking to give a plant as a gift to someone in a nursing home, dorm, or for an office, this plant will do very well.

Another plant that can handle a little neglect is that of the snake plant. An architecturally beautiful plant, it has thick, pointed, erect leaves that can reach 18 inches in height. They appreciate bright light and will produce fragrant flowers if they receive it. But they tolerate low light very well. The leaves are practically indestructible, making it an ideal plant for those with children or pets.  The most common problem that you may encounter is root rot which comes from overwatering.

The Philodendron is another plant, similar to the Pothos, that is easy to care for and will not die the day you forget to water it. They grow well in practically any light, indoor or sunlight. And will tolerate being left in low-lit areas. This plant is poisonous if eaten or even chewed, so if you have children or pets, this would not be a good choice.

We had a great time researching and finding the top three ‘easiest’ houseplants.  We hope this will be of help to you.  If you would like any information about Vining Stone, the landscaping supplies we offer, or a free, no-obligation price quote, please feel free to contact us at (770) 252-6336 or contact us on the web at  For more daily, valuable advice on subjects like landscaping, gardening, or the outdoors in general – come join our online communities: Facebook and Twitter.

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