May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscaping Supply Company – Why Choose Vining Stone?

Vining Stone - Newnan Landscape Pavers and Rock

Homeowners choose Vining Stone for all of their outdoor needs.

Oftentimes, choosing a company to work with can become frustrating. Especially if you are not quite sure what you should be looking for and when there are multiple options to choose from.  If you have ever needed to choose a business or have taken the time to research multiple businesses, you know what we’re talking about.  Some people base their decision solely on price. Others may choose a company known for their superior customer service.  Or maybe it is the high-quality of products offered that some people prefer.  We believe there should be a combination of all of those factors and more – which is why we recommend that you choose Vining Stone for all of your landscaping supply needs.

So why choose Vining Stone?

There are many reasons why you should choose Vining Stone! We have been operating for over thirty years, giving us an immense amount of experience and expertise in this business.  A little bit about our origins – Vining Stone was started by Clinton Vining in 1969. He then acquired quarries in North Georgia and began processing the beautiful sandstone into sizes which made it much easier for the mason to install as well as more affordable. In 1996 the Vining’s retired and the current owners bought the business and incorporated it as Vining Stone, Inc.  Since that time, Vining Stone has continually worked to achieve excellence in the community.  We have worked hard to provide contractors, masons, landscapers, and homeowners with the best high-quality products at competitive prices.

Not only do we have experience, expertise, high-quality products, and competitive prices – we are also proud of our superior customer service.  We have made it our goal to always provide excellent, old-fashioned customer service to our customers and we pride ourselves of our success in that area. In any business, good customer service is required in order to succeed.  You can have the best products around, but without good customer service you will surely see customers walk away and give their business elsewhere.

We would love to be your landscaping supply supplier.  For more information about who we are, are experience in this business, or about the landscaping supplies we carry – please give us a call at 770-252-6336 or contact us on the web at  You can also find us on Facebook and on Twitter.  There you will find daily landscaping and gardening tips, fun trivia and facts, useful articles, and more!  We hope you will join our online community.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create your own piece of paradise. Because whatever your style, we can assist you in obtaining the products you need to transform your dream into a reality.