May 26, 2018

Best Sun Plants for Georgia Landscapes

Mulch - Available in Newnan GeorgiaIt might not feel like summer yet, but you can be sure it’s right around the corner! Here at Vining Stone, we are busy ensuring we have the best mulch, rock, stone, pavers, boulders and gravel to ensure your yard or commercial property is the best it can be.

As you know, we are always here to answer your most pressing landscaping questions, and one of the most common is “what are the best plants for the Newnan/Sharpsburg/Peachtree City area?” Well, every great landscaper has his or her own opinion, but here are a few easy-to-care for sun-loving plants that continually perform well in my personal garden and a couple of tips on how to keep them healthy.

Prepare the Site and the Soil

Even the hardiest plants like a little help getting established! Site your sun garden where you know it will get at least 6 hours of sun every day and then prepare the soil. For a great article on the best way to prepare your soil, check out TLC’s How Stuff Works article on composting and adding goodies to the soil.

Another key part is the hardscape in and around your garden. Be sure to assess the site for drainage, walking paths, or stepping stones so you can easily get around in your garden to move and separate plants, weed, etc. Here at Vining Stone, we’ve got a great selection of pavers, fieldstone, flagstone and boulders that will not only beautify your garden, but also provide needed drainage and week control.

Best Sun Plants for Newnan, Peachtree City, Sharpsburg, Fayetteville and the Surrounding Areas

Try out a few of these proven plants:

  • Lantana: In particular, we love the look of the “New Gold” color. It’s a bright, yellow pop in your garden. Lantana doesn’t need dead-heading, keeps weeds down due to its mounding habit and is drought-tolerant. It also attracts butterflies to your garden. Pair this gorgeous low-growing plant with purple coneflowers or even bee balm to create a super-hot color combo in the garden.
  • Daylilies: You knew that daylilies were going to be on the list, didn’t you! With so many varieties, this southern staple is stately and eye-catching when planted en masse, which is the key to a truly eye-catching garden. Repeat mass plantings of different, complimentary types on slopes and along fences.
  • Herbs: In our opinion, no sun garden is complete without edibles. Herbs are not only a tasty addition, but add texture and beauty to the sun garden. They are drought-tolerant, love the hot Southern sun and thrive in rocky places. Try these out for year-round interest:
    • Lamb’s Ear: This fuzzy, silver-green plant mounds in the front of your garden or in borders. It holds the soil and gives gorgeous texture to the garden. Kids love to touch it, too!
      Newnan Landscape Tips

      Rosemary in our garden.

      Sun plants for Newnan, GA

      Lamb's Ear

    • Rosemary: We have multiple types of rosemary growing and it looks great! It’s a long bloomer with small, blue flowers up and down its stem. Certain types of Rosemary can grow pretty big, so be sure to site it in a location that gives it room to spread. We like it just behind the Lamb’s ear.
    • Thyme: Thyme is THE best plant to put between rocks and pavers and in the front of the garden. In particular, the ‘Mother of Thyme’ variety has tiny, fragrant leaves and finds its home happily between fieldstone or flagstone steps. It’s deep green is lovely and it smells wonderful when your guests visit and brush against it.
  • Knock-Out Roses: These reliable plants give height and color to the garden. Remember, though, that they are

    Drought-tolerant roses.

    vigorous growers! Take their habits into consideration when planting. Plant them where they can be the center of attention: covering a slope, in a hard-to-reach corner. Don’t try to place them where they can’t branch out. You will be well-rewarded with gorgeous color and care-free maintenance.

Here at Vining Stone, creating your perfect oasis is only a visit away. We’ve got the hardscape materials and mulch necessary to make your garden dream a reality. Plus, we have plenty of advice, too, on how to get your garden off to a great start! Give us a call or visit us today. We look forward to meeting you!