May 26, 2018

Drainage Tips for Landscaping

Water, water everywhere. Last week was full of rain thanks to tropical storm Lee.  All of this precipitation reminded us that water drainage is an essential part of planning when designing your new landscape. HGTV actually states that ‘good drainage is the foundation of a great landscape”. Have you ever noticed, after a heavy rain, a yard or driveway that was covered in a large amount of standing water?  This is a mistake that could have easily been avoided if the proper planning was done before the landscape design was implemented.

What kind of drainage does your property have?

The next moderate to heavy rain our area gets – step outdoors and take a look at the natural flow of water on your property. Try to envision how the project you are about to begin will work with the water flow.  If you find large amounts of pooled water, it may be time to consider installing a couple of strategically placed drain lines.  There are several different types of drains that can be used according to the “excess water situation” your landscaping has going on.

One frequent mistake that homeowners make is utilizing a downspout along the side of the house, so that it drains down to the edge of the house.  This, unfortunately, funnels water into the foundation, overwaters planters, and soaks the yard.  Be sure that when you install your downspout to attach an adapter onto the downspout and connect a small section of drain pipe. You can then attach a 90-degree-angled section to the pipe, and to that a long pipe that leads away from the house.  This is a great place to start when trying to solve bad drainage problems in your yard.

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