May 26, 2018

Fall Planning Already? Yes!

PavestonePaversNewnanGeorgia-1The temperatures don’t feel like fall, but you can tell that change is coming. The kids are buying new school supplies, stores are marking down summer clothes, and it won’t be long before we’ll wake up one morning and notice the air is is cooler.

This is a great time to plan your fall landscape, before you get distracted by Saturday afternoon football and the autumn rains make it too wet to work outside.

Use our handy checklist to start now, and by the time you’re reaching for a sweater, you’ll be ahead of the yard-work game.

• Top off the mulch around your trees and in your flowerbeds. Frequent watering or rainfall can move mulch around, and some products start to break down after they’ve been exposed to the elements for a long time. Plan to replenish now, and choose from our wide selection of natural red oak, dyed hardwood, cypress and pine mulches and nuggets.

• Are you planting a fall vegetable garden? Add mulch to keep down the weeds and hold in valuable moisture. The water you save by mulching is water you won’t have to pay for on your water bill.

• November is a good time to plant trees in Atlanta. The cool weather helps them establish strong root systems before they leaf out next spring. Give them a strong start with a thick layer of mulch. Ask us how to apply it, so you don’t put it too close to the trunk. At Vining Stone, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service!

• Check your walkways and paths. Foot traffic can create thin spots in pebbles and stones. Now that cooler weather is on the way, it will be easier to fill in low areas.

• Are you wearing a trail through heavily used parts of your yard? Let our experts at Vining Stone show you how to establish a safe, durable path with attractive pavers.

• Protect your shrubs and prized plants from heaving. Heaving happens in the winter when the soil repeatedly freezes and thaws, exposing plant roots to the cold, dry air. Mulching helps prevent heaving by keeping the ground at a more constant temperature.

We’re ready for fall—are you? Call us at 770-252-6336 for a free estimate, or stop by and visit us at 211 Stewart Road in Sharpsburg. We’ll help you plan for fall, so you can get outside more often to enjoy your yard and garden!