August 21, 2018

Newnan Landscape Supply Company | Best Plants for Shaded Gardens

When it is hot as it has been this past summer, a shady yard can be sweet relief for those that like to spend time outdoors. But we often hear from people who want to enjoy a beautiful garden but are unsure of what types of plants will thrive in their shaded, secluded yard. So we have scoured the internet in search for the perfect plants for our friends that have shady yards. Check out our top 3 picks!


Sometimes referred to as the “wishbone flower”, Torenias are a great pick for shady areas. Its bright purple petals with a touch of yellow will create a beautiful spectrum of colors for your garden. They are also said to attract hummingbirds, giving your garden a whimsical atmosphere.

Polka-Dot Plant

Speaking of whimsy, the Polka-Dot Plant is a sure-fire way to achieving that look for your garden. The leaves are a purplish-green color with dots of color ranging from white to pink. Not only will these plants thrive in partial to shaded areas, they can also survive drought conditions, making them a beautiful, yet hardy plant.


Lobelias are an easy to grow plant that can add drastic blue colors to your garden. These flowers used to be referred to as Indian tobacco because Native Americans would smoke the plant to treat asthma. We don’t know that that method works, but we do know that they are beautiful flowers!

So if you have a shaded yard and are looking for inspiration for your garden, check out these picks – you won’t be disappointed!

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