May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscape Supply Company | Tips for Hardscaping


This is the perfect time to start thinking about incorporating new hardscaping elements into your landscape design! Hardscaping is simply the use of non-plant elements in the landscape. This can include boulders, walkways, patios, retaining walls, and much more.  It is a great way to enhance the image of your landscaping and create a fabulous area for you and your family.  As with all aspects of landscaping, there are some “do’s & don’ts” to keep in mind when you sit down to design the hardscaping for your property.  The difference between regular landscaping and hardscaping is that you are talking about heavy, fixed objects.  For example, a patio or boulder.  These are items that will be extremely difficult to move if you realize you have made a mistake.  So it is important to think about where these items are going before you make the move!  Today, we will talk about some “do’s” in hardscaping.

DO–> Consider the landscaping.

It is important to take in account the entire landscaping.  If you are only planning to do one area or space right now, it is still important to think about future plans for the entire landscaping.  Like we said before, hardscaping elements take a bit more effort to remove or move if you decide to later.  If possible, hiring a professional to work with you in creating a design is preferable.  They have experience in spotting potential problems or trouble areas.

DO –> Check for drainage issues.

This is a big issue that sometimes gets ignored when making big landscaping/hardscaping decisions.  The way water runs and drains on your property is a big deal.  If it is not taken into consideration, then big problems can arise later.

DO –> Create a focal point.

Another major mistake that people make when adding hardscaping elements to their landscaping is ignoring this idea of a focal point.  Having one, great ‘centerpiece’ for the area is a wonderful way to create a stunning area.  It does not necessarily have to be in the center of the yard.  A focal point is simply a piece that stands out from the rest. It will draw the eye of the viewer immediately.

We hope these tips will be helpful to you when planning your next hardscaping project.  For more information about Vining Stone, your local landscape supply company – give us a call at (770) 252-6336 or contact us on the web:  We can even help you find a contractor to assist you with the work! You can also join our online communities on Facebook or Twitter where we share tips, articles, and even have prize giveaways!




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