May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscape Supply | Five Easy Projects for Pavers and Fieldstones

PavestonePaversNewnanGeorgia-1Looking for a project to improve your yard or garden this summer? Here at Vining Stone, in Sharpsburg, we’ve got a wide variety of stone, mulches, decorative rocks, gravel, pavers, dirt and other landscaping materials you need to your plans happen. Check out our list of projects below, then call us at 770-252-6336, or stop by and see us at 211 Stewart Road. We’ll be glad to give you a FREE estimate of the materials you’ll need!


Five Easy Projects For Pavers and Fieldstones:


1. Create a nice breakfast/lunch nook outdoors. This is easy to do. Simply place your pavers at random in a level spot in your yard or garden. Allow some grass to remain between each paver. Add an attractive outdoor table and chairs. For stability, make sure the table and chair legs are resting on the pavers. Now treat yourself to a cup of coffee or a cold drink. You’re all done!


2. Locate a spot in your yard for a faux-“courtyard.” Choose some irregularly shaped fieldstones, and arrange them in a circular pattern. As in project # 1, let some grass remain between the stones for a casual effect. Place a large urn filled with flowering plants, a small fountain, a garden statue, or other focal point in the center of your circle. Step back and look. You’ve created a simple courtyard.


3. Do you need a walkway from your driveway to your front door, or perhaps from your deck into your backyard? Measure the distance, and come to Vining Stone, where our outstanding customer service reps will help figure out how many pavers you’ll need to make your path. For this project, use rectangular pavers of the same size and shape, to create a formal walk. After the pavers are in place, fill in around them with gravel, pebbles, or decorative stones.


4.Do you already have a path made of gravel, wood chips, bark, or some other kind of mulch? To prevent your materials from scattering when you walk, edge the path with pavers on both sides. If your ground is uneven, you’ll want to level it first, and perhaps add a layer of sand, before setting the pavers in place. You can use this same kind of edging to retain mulch in your flowerbeds and vegetable patch.


5. Use fieldstones of different sizes, shapes, and colors to make an ornamental mosaic in your garden. Again, use very small stones or pebbles between them, or simply place the fieldstones very close together. You can form a recognizable pattern or an abstract design. You’re the artist, so let your landscape become your canvas!