May 26, 2018

Newnan Mulch Supply Company – Container Garden Ideas

We were perusing Martha Stewart’s website this week and stumbled across some container garden ideas that seemed too awesome not to share with all of you.  Container gardening is really just the practice of growing your plants in containers rather than planting them directly in the ground. As with all kinds of gardening, you can get as creative as you want with it.  Check out these cool ideas that we found!

Ivy Porch Screen

This is one of my favorites: the ivy porch screen.  It looks fantastic and is just so unique.  They created a three-tier garden screen using copper K-style gutters hanging from chains. All you have to do then is hang it on your porch and plant the ivy in the gutters.  You can find more detailed instructions and a photo, here.  Not only does it look wonderful, it also creates a private retreat right there on your porch.

Charming Fern Containers

This was a really great idea, as well. They took old-fashioned enamel milk pails, usually can be found at flea markets or farm-supply stores, and planted beautiful ferns in them for a charming, rustic look. You can view a picture, here. The sword ferns look fantastic in these old-fashioned pails! Keep in mind that the pails might be a little too large for the ferns, so you can remedy that problem by putting an upturned plastic pot in the bottom of the pail and placing the potted fern on top.

Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are perfect for a container garden! They will look great in your garden and you will have the added bonus of having fresh, home-grown tomatoes right in your backyard.  They adapt well in a container so it works out well.  You can find a tomato ‘how-to’ guide online.

Tower of Herbs

A tower of planted herbs also is a wonderful idea, especially for those that don’t really have a lot of room for an herb garden, or any garden at all.  You can find detailed instructions on how to build a tower of herbs here.  You will need 5 terra-cotta planters, soil, and a variety of herbs to plant. You will place the largest planter where you will be placing your herb tower. Center 1 smaller pot within, upside down (with at least 6 inches of space around the inverted pot); fill ring between the two with potting mix. Repeat to create a second layer with 2 smaller pots, with 4 inches between them. Place final pot right side up on second inverted pot. Fill with potting mix. Plant herbs in all three layers. And voila! You have a beautiful and functioning herb tower.

We hope you these ideas will give you some inspiration for your garden.  If you have any more great ideas for the garden or landscaping, please come by Facebook or Twitter and share with our online community.

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