May 26, 2018

Tips For Planting Bulbs | Landscaping Supplies

Planting bulbs can have a very rewarding outcome if done correctly.  Everyone can appreciate a gorgeous garden.  If you are planning to plant bulbs this fall season, we have found some tips to share with you over the next couple of blogs to make your garden a beautiful success.

Choosing bulbs
First, you should choose high-quality bulbs.  Picking bulbs is kind of like picking produce at the grocery store – there are standards to go by to find the best ones.  Choose plump, but firm bulbs.  If they are soft, mushy, and growing another lifeform – we recommend putting those back. And if they are yours – throw them away.  If a variety of sizes are offered, go for the biggest ones.  Bigger bulbs generally bloom more so than the smaller versions.

Choosing a spot
Planting bulbs is a pretty straight forward task, but if they are not planted in the correct location, your bulbs may never bloom.  Most bulbs will thrive in full sunlight or at least six hours of sun a day and in well drained soil.  But if you are not sure about the particular bulbs you are planting, do some research.  Use a search engine on the internet to find general instructions for the variety of bulb you will be planting.

Choosing a time
Different bulbs are intended to be planted at different times. Be sure that it is the correct time/season for the bulbs you would like to plant.  Spring blooming bulbs should be planted in the fall, after the soil has cooled down.  Summer blooming bulbs should be planted in the spring after the frost has passed.  Once again, do your research. It can save you time and money.

Keep an eye out next week for even more tips on how to plant your bulbs successfully this fall.  For more information on how to make your garden a smashing success, give Vining Stone a call at 770-252-6336 or visit our many galleries and applications on the web:  You can also visit us at our Facebook location where you can connect with others and receive more valuable tips and advice.