May 26, 2018

Need Mulch in Newnan?

Newnan Landscape Supplies - Mulch

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Mulch much?

There are many reasons to mulch, but a great reason to mulch for summer is that it creates a barrier between the sun and the soil – dramatically decreasing the temperature of the soil.

Which mulch is the best mulch?

We have a lot of people asking about the various types of mulches we offer here at Vining Stone and which one is the best.  Well, every mulch type has multiple usages and benefits.  It all boils down to what landscaping project you are looking to accomplish and personal taste.

Do you have a popular mulch type?

We have several high selling mulches!  Two of our popular varieties include:

Natural Red Oak – A top seller, the red oak mulch starts off fresh as an orange-brown color that will darken as it ages.  The great thing about this mulch is that it will create a surface that is more resistant to being washed away by rain.  This is a perfect mulch to use on slopes up to about a 45 degree angle or areas that may have higher traffic, such as a trail.

Cypress nuggets – If you have been to a playground, you have most likely have experienced cypress nuggets or chips.  It is made from the white part of the cypress tree.  It lasts for a long period of time and dries quickly, making it an ideal material to pad a playground or play area.

I have an organic garden.  Do you have an organic mulch?

We sure do!  We carry a certified organic mulch to insure you a fully organic garden.  For more information on how this is processed, give us a call!

There are so many ways to use mulch.  If you have a project in mind, give us a call or stop by.  We can show you what will work best for you.  Visit us at for more information or to visit our galleries for inspiration on your next project.