May 26, 2018

Newnan Landscape Supply Company | How to Save Your Lawn and Garden In A Drought

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

How to Save Your Lawn and Garden In A Drought


Mulch - Available in Newnan GeorgiaHave you gotten any rain lately? Parts of Atlanta saw a few showers recently, and that’s a good thing.

Spring usually brings rain to our area, but this year, we’re in trouble. Rainfall has been scarce, and higher-than-usual temperatures are drying up our reservoirs and groundwater supplies.

Most of Georgia is now in a state of severe to extreme drought, and some areas are experiencing what the weather service calls “exceptional drought.” Take a look at the current U.S. Drought Monitor to see your local conditions.

This is scary stuff! While we cross our fingers for more rain, there are things we can do to conserve water in our gardens and landscapes.

1. One huge way to save water is to mulch, mulch, mulch! Top-dressing with mulch helps slow evaporation from the soil, and keeps it cooler for plants that can’t thrive in record-breaking temperatures.

2. Plan before you plant. Whether you’re growing a lawn, vegetable garden, or flowering beds and borders, choose drought-resistant varieties. Locate plants or grasses that need a daily drink close to your front door or spigots, so you don’t have to haul around a hose or watering can. Tougher plants, like day lilies or monkey grass, can go farther away from your water source.

3. Use native trees, plants, and shrubs. They’re better adapted to our climate, and need less care, than exotics and other non-natives.

4. Leave some natural areas. You don’t have to plant every inch in grass or flowers. Our organic and inorganic mulches will beautify your garden or lawn, and blend in seamlessly. We can show you how to create fun, play areas for your children and pets, or attractively landscaped views that you’ll enjoy.

Vining Stone has a variety of eye-pleasing, colored and textured mulches. Don’t let your plants suffer in the drought, and don’t spend a fortune trying to water when the temperatures soar. Call today at (770) 252-6336, and we’ll help you find the right mulch for your yard and garden!