May 26, 2018

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With winter quickly approaching, we have had many customers that have asked whether they should continue to use mulch through these next few cold months.  Because one of the major benefits to using mulch is that it inhibits the growth of weeds, many have wondered if there is a point to using mulch during the winter season – being that weeds tend to slow down in growth over those months.  But the answer is yes, you should continue to mulch.  Let us explain why.

Why should I mulch during the winter?

Inhibiting the growth of weeds is only one of the many benefits that come from using mulch in your yard and/or garden.  Another important benefit from using mulch is that it works to help regulate the temperature of the soil itself.  So, in the summer months it allows the soil to remain cooler than the temperature that you are feeling.  But more importantly, during the freezing temperatures of the winter, the soil is able to stay warmer than the frigid air itself.

Another functional benefit of using mulch is it will defend soil erosion.  There are several elements during the fall and winter months that may cause soil erosion on your property.  Elements such as wind, rain, and even snow and ice.  Mulch can be used as a physical barrier between those elements and the soil – keeping your soil in place. For a sloped yard, mulch can be even more beneficial.

When should I mulch?

Experts say that mulching once the ground has frozen or when it is near frozen is the best time to mulch during the winter season.  What happens during the winter, because the temperature fluctuate greatly, the ground “heaves” as it freezes and thaws.  This can cause the root systems of your plants to be exposed out of the soil – in turn killing the plants.  Using the mulch will create a more stable environment and temperature for your plants to thrive in.

Which type of mulch should I choose?

There are so many types of mulch, inorganic and organic.  The best way to decide on a type of mulch is just to come by our location or give us a call.  We can help you decide which type of mulch will be best for your property and the goal you have for it.

Vining Stone carries a wide variety of mulch colors and textures, from natural red oak, dyed hardwood, cypress and pine mulch and nuggets – organic and inorganic.  We also carry certified “kid safe” mulch for the safety of your family or client.  For more information on the types of mulch we carry, how it can benefit your landscaping, why you should use mulch during the winter season, or for any other landscaping supply needs – give us a call at 770-252-6336 or contact us on the web at  You can also join us at Facebook and Twitter for daily tips, useful articles, and even giveaways!  See you there.