June 20, 2018

Cheryl Barton: Vining Stone’s “Rock Lady’

We’re not bragging here at Vining Stone when we invite you to come by and meet our owner, Cheryl Barton, the “Rock Lady” of Sharpsburg who really rocks!

Cheryl puts customer service first, offering a wide range of high quality hardscape and landscaping materials at affordable prices. Since she was a child, she has loved people, nature, and gardening. Even today, you’ll often find her with a rock in her pocket.

“When I was little,” Cheryl recalls, “I was always picking up rocks. My mother sewed my clothes and she made sure I had pockets for my rocks. I still need to have my pockets…and my rocks.”

The eldest of four children, Cheryl was raised by a mother who was strong and independent, and a father with an entrepreneurial drive. Together, she says, they gave her the passion to build and operate her own business.

From her location at 211 Stewart Road, the “Rock Lady” sells a large supply of top quality, in-stock flagstone, fieldstone, river stones, pavers, mulch, decorative gravel, dirt, and more.

“We’re an independent company,” Cheryl says, so she’s able to give her clients personal, individualized attention. She’s also a hands-on businesswoman who often finds herself selling her products, running a bobcat, loading mulch, and suggesting ways to design someone’s hardscape—all in a single day.

When drivers come in to pick up their deliveries, Cheryl is often the one who loads their trucks. “I was brought up believing there’s nothing I can’t do,” she says, and she’s determined to deliver good, old-fashioned customer service along with a generous selection of products.

Vining Stone’s slogan is “The Softer Side of Stone,” and you’ll find that Cheryl has a softer, artistic side, too. When she looks at a boulder, she sees it as a kind of living still life. “It’s more than a rock,” she says. “Its nature’s art.”

When you’re ready for high-quality hardscaping and landscaping materials for your next project, give the Rock Lady a call at 770-252-6336, and ask for a free estimate. Or drop by and say hello at 211 Stewart Road in Sharpsburg. The Rock Lady and Vining Stone are ready to go to work for you!