May 26, 2018

Vining Stone | Local Matters

The economy has been tough for some time now, and that has made all of us at Vining Stone appreciate you, our customers, even more than ever.

We believe that everyone benefits when consumers shop locally. When you buy from area merchants like us, your money stays in the community. That’s a good thing, because your community is the community we live and work in, too.

Buying locally means that the independent bookstore down the road and the farmer who sells his produce on the corner can stay in business. It means that the seamstress up the street can keep her little shop open, so she can keep hemming prom gowns for the high school girls and sewing letters on the jackets for football players. It means that Sharpsburg doesn’t turn into a ghost town like so many other places, with closed-up storefronts and deserted shopping malls.

Buying locally also means that customers get to know the people they buy from and learn that they can trust and depend on them. The owners and employees of Vining Stone aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be here if you have a question about installing a retaining wall or how to create a safe and attractive flagstone deck around your swimming pool. We’ll be around when you need an unexpected repair or you’re up against a building deadline.

Because you know us, and we know our business, you can count on us when you’re in the market for top-quality materials. We’ll price them fairly and deliver them on time, when we say we will.

When you call us at 770-252-6336, we won’t put you on hold and forget you, or transfer you to five different people who’ll give you five different answers to your question.

When you stop by to visit us at 211 Stewart Road in Sharpsburg, we’ll give you personalized, friendly service, whether you want one boulder to accent your flower garden, or enough fieldstone to build your dream house.

When you shop at Vining Stone, your money doesn’t stop here. We practice what we preach, so we also shop locally. The money you spend with us goes back into circulation into all kinds of individually owned restaurants, dry cleaners and other small businesses.

So thank you for honoring us with your trust and your business. We look forward to serving you, so stop by soon. Fall is on the way, and we can help you find the right pavers, mulches, stones, or other building materials you need for your autumn landscaping and other projects. Times are tough, but when we all pull together, we’re tougher!